Emanuel introduced that he wouldn?t want case study solution enterprise in Chicago as a result of Chicago is open to all its buddies ?and such prejudice in opposition t a few of case examine solution city?s citizens is not wanted in Chicago. Surprisingly, Chick fil A was founded in an alternative populous American city, Atlanta. Where does an in another way a hit company person from a large American city get case study solution idea that he can blast case look at answer GLAAD group ?or any phase of society ?and still have a lucrative company at case study answer end of case look at solution day?Chick fil A now claims via Facebook that case study answer restaurant treats every purchaser with ?honor, dignity and admire ?regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender?. This contradictory statement from case look at solution eating place chain is definitely not likely to deliver much weight with the ones it has offended and those that completely disapprove of a company giving their opinion on same sex marriage in any respect. First of all, what was Dan Cathy thinking when he theory that anybody offers a damn approximately what he thinks about same sex marriage?Second of all, did he neglect he heads a corporate that may lose many clients ?most likely his finished enterprise ?when he made his ?blurt ation?Did he in fact agree with that spewing his controversial belief on an otherwise social, political, and religious issue wasn?t going to have a poor impact on his enterprise?Did he feel he had some ethical or religious are looking to give his opinion?Whatever Cathy?s reasoning, he has lots to be informed about case look at answer separation of his business and case examine solution pointless preaching of his morality. Unfortunately for his business and case study solution many americans who count on him for a economic livelihood, he is most likely studying his lesson too late.