During such meetings, Metro offered Tamayo internal advice touching on, among other things, case look at answer names and/or ticker symbols of case examine solution agencies whose securities can be bought, case examine solution common timing of case study answer deliberate deals, and advice related to how case examine solution deals might have an impact on case look at solution issuers’ inventory cost once introduced. Tamayo commonly might write case examine answer protection’s ticker symbol on a small piece of paper or serviette and decide to memory any pricing/timing internal advice offered by Metro. After Tamayo received case examine answer internal assistance from Metro, Tamayo could meet with Vladimir Eydelman, 42, of Colts Neck, New Jersey, an expert stock broker. Tamayo usually may meet Eydelman near Eydelman’s workplace, reminiscent of at case look at answer big clock in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, in which Tamayo would pass case look at answer internal assistance on to Eydelman. Tamayo would show Eydelman case study answer paper or napkin on which Tamayo had written case look at solution ticker image of case study answer company whose securities should be bought. After Eydelman memorized case examine answer ticker image, Tamayo then might chew case look at solution paper or napkin except it was destroyed.