Severe harm from case be taught solution birth family is generally perceived by case study answer narcissistic baby / adolescent. Alternatively narcissism may set in consequently of a toddler being given an excessive amount of entitlement, for instance being spoiled by an over bearing and controlling mother who idolises case be taught solution baby. Interestingly, other little ones in case learn answer same family may go through identical abandonment, disappointments, smothering and abuse but not expand case be taught answer lack of empathy, loss of emotional attention, self denial and delusions that case be taught answer narcissist does. The narcissist’s emotional adulthood advancement has grow to be paralysed somewhere between case be taught answer age of 5 and seven years of age. Narcissists don’t have case be taught solution ability to have ‘observing ego’, hence they’re prone to ‘knee jerk’ reactions which are aggressive, abusive, violent, and vengeful that emotionally good and suit adults effortlessly do not do. The narcissist doesn’t be informed how his / her behaviour influences others individuals, regardless of case learn answer individuals he / she loses, or case learn solution disasters created. Final file to case examine solution EU Commission, DG Education and Culture. Abstract: This examine aimed in determining case look at answer effectiveness of Health Literacy Multimedia Package HAMP in recuperating case study answer fitness awareness level on occupational ailments of case look at solution women engaged in coir industry. A survey along case study answer coastal belt of Kerala discovered that case examine answer unhygienic situations triumphing around case look at answer area ends up in fitness danger problems to case examine answer people engaged in coirindustry. Since they’re spending virtually case study answer complete day in case study answer unhygienic conditions triumphing in case look at solution yard they’re at a high risk of coming up occupational diseases. Their lack of competencies approximately health and hygiene serves as case look at answer most advantageous explanation for case look at solution contagious illnesses. Hence there arose case look at answer wish to lead them to acutely aware of case study answer quite a lot of fitness hazards, its reasons and consequences.