As much as I’d like to support local enterprise, I’m not going to miss Top Burger. There was nothing particular approximately them, except for their prices. Honestly, this area desires a freakin’ Starbucks, and I believe case study answer Top Burger vicinity might be top-rated. There’s such a cafe culture on Emmons, and I believe that Starbucks could only add to that. I think we need hipster owned agencies. Not that I am a big fan of hipster tradition but they do make good artisan food occasionally. It’s simple and free. Check it here: ang=enI might add ModX to case look at solution list. I’ve used it on many small to medium sized sites and had great fulfillment. Only draw back I see is that case look at answer back end is a bit more difficult to use than TextPattern or EE, but I typically company case look at solution back end and disable a couple of menu presents to make it easier for them. I like my CMS: Constructr CMS!PHP based with a lot of Features for Websites from small to middle Size. Visit at or ice list of CMS’s… i did not know approximately dotCms an alternate nice competitor in case look at answer Java primarily based class… I use and also expand OpenCms…As written – there are dozens and dozens of cms not discussed.