Theserules require, among different matters, that brokers who exchange penny inventory to individuals aside from “established consumers”finished bound documentation, make suitability inquiries of investors and provide investors with sure assistance concerningtrading in case study answer protection, adding a risk disclosure document and quote counsel under sure cases. Manybrokers have decided to not trade penny stocks as a result of case look at solution requirements of case examine answer penny inventory guidelines and, as a result, case examine solution numberof broking service purchasers inclined to behave as marketplace makers in such securities is limited. If we stay subject to case look at answer penny stockrules for any tremendous duration, it might have an hostile outcome on case look at solution market, if any, for our securities. If oursecurities are area to case examine solution penny inventory rules, buyers will find it more difficult to get rid of our securities. You will adventure immediate and substantialdilution on account of this offering and can experience extra dilutionin case examine solution destiny. Youwill incur instant and great dilution as a result of this offering.