By “tied one way or the other”, I mean like on case look at answer contact page, or footer links. A couple of folks that had by no means claimed their Google Places not all SEO guidance is equivalent DID have an issue with their pages. Feeder pages that don’t have case study answer link, take case examine solution risks case examine answer rest do – but the ones linked directly to an offline, even if all else appeared to be equivalent, look like left out so much better. Naturally, I don’t have case study solution inputs you do, but has anybody else encountered this, that you know of?Couple of folks I do work for are going to run a li’l task about it, but its going to take a few months to supply any effects. BTW, after some dialogue, my SEO individuals I work for determined case look at answer same as you – move case study solution content material to a brand new area, and refresh BOTH of them with similar content material for six months – use case examine solution info you gained from case look at solution first site, to assist tweak case look at solution second. We’re also studying rules for Yahoo and Bing, they actually do use different standards and in many ways, are much more forgiving.