comvernongirl. comviewclips. netvilasta. comvisitpontiac. comw3rocks. comwattspublishinggroup. The augmented layerWhere extra value is introduced via matters corresponding to packaging, promoting, warranties, ensures, brand name, layout, financing opportunities where applicable, prompt and on time service, and additional amenities that can increase a product. is wherein extra price is delivered via things comparable to packaging, promoting, warranties, guarantees, company name, design, financing opportunities where applicable, immediate and on time provider, and additional amenities that may enhance a product. The augmented layer for Southwest Airlines is its well prevalent company name, its packaging and advertising as a “fun” flying event, and its “bags fly free” coverage. The ice cream cone that is bought in an old original ice cream parlor is normally considered of better value to many purchasers than case study answer ice cream cone bought at a Dairy Queen. It is this layer in which many advertising and marketing mistakes are made as a result of alternatives are overlooked. The symbolic layerThe meaning of a product to a consumer—its emotional and psychological connections.