For example, Drevets and Raichle 1998 found, throughout a big range of PET stories, that a constellation of areas, adding case look at solution dorsolateral prefrontal cortex DLPFC and case look at answer dorsal anterior cingulate cortex ACC, was perpetually more energetic right through cognitive tasks but was less energetic throughout projects with an emotional element. A complementary constellation of areas, including case look at answer orbitofrontal cortex OFC, case examine answer ventral ACC, and case examine solution amygdala, was more active for emotional initiatives and fewer active for non emotional projects. The authors interpreted these findings as helping a reciprocity, or tradeoff, between cognition and emotion, such that as recreation increases in cognitive regions, it decreases in emotional areas and vice versa. Although case study solution reciprocity perception of cognition and emotion could be a useful heuristic for conceptualizing some applications or neural systems, different techniques might be less effortlessly labeled as cognitive or emotional, as a result of they sub serve functions that are crucial to both cognition and emotion e. g. , Gray, Braver, and Raichle, 2002; Simpson, Drevets, Snyder, Gusnard, and Raichle, 2001.