The mine is regarded one among, if not case study answer most vital resources of blue diamonds, extracting its stones from a kimberlite pipe. On that note, it’s vital to stress that over a quarter of case examine solution global’s diamonds larger than 400 carats originate from here. Today, case examine answer mine is owned and operated by Petra Diamonds, who acquired it from De Beers in November 2007. The Kollur Mine boasts of being case look at solution fatherland of a few of case study answer best common diamonds in case look at answer global. The list contains stones equivalent to case study solution a bit of mysterious Hope Diamond commonly believed to be case examine answer largest element of case look at answer Tavernier Blue, case look at solution Orlov Diamond also spelled Orloff, not to be perplexed with case examine solution Black Orlov, case look at solution Tereshchenko diamond, case look at answer Dresden Green, case look at answer Regent, case study solution Great Mogul and Nizam diamond, in addition to case examine solution Shah and Akbar Shah diamonds. Of direction, it’d be remiss people let alone a few of case examine answer well-liked pieces of case look at solution Crown Jewels of case examine answer UK and Iran – case look at solution poetically named Koh i Noor Sea of Light and Daria i Noor Mountain of Light, respectively.